Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Manitou and the Universal Spirit

I just love emergency vehicles. I think it's a bit child-like but I refuse to give up! If I see an emergency vehicle, I make for it immediately. This was part of an exhibition of emergency vehicles exhibition in Piedmont and I arrived before everything was properly set up. I was like a child with free reign in a sweet shop. Manitou is not only a brand of very fine work vehicles. It's a spirit of the Algonquian native Americans. Christian missionaries appropriated the name to help them work with Native Americans and used it to mean God. but the difference is that Manitou is a contactable person that inhabits all manner of objects - even machines. Maybe this vehicle has the spirit of Manitou and we could stroll over and engage it in conversation. What's the worse that could happen? The notion of a spirit within all things is not uncommon. Shamanistic culture specifies a common connection between the totality of  things and quantum mechanics may prove that is so. In Christianity, all things are part of the nature of God, but he doesn't seem as accessible as Manitou. That is a more a case of projection of our hopes and fears and wishes, than an acknowledgement of a life force that binds us witin a universe. So if you see me speaking to a vehicle, have no worries. I'm just having a chat.