Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Crocodiles, Aggression & the Collective Unconscious

I saw this in Brussels a while ago and forgot about it. But at the time I took the shot, I thought that crocodiles had a good symbolic existence! This art is part of a current penchant for outsize creature statues in impossible colours, but I do like some very much. This crocodile doesn't look like a creature of the underworld, yet that is how crocodiles often appear. In Ancient Egypt, Crocodile Sobek weighed souls. He was called the Devourer - and when souls were unable to give a good account of themselves he would eat them and they would would become excrement in his bowels. The Egyptians had a refreshing way of looking at things. There were temples dedicated to crocodiles and a town called Crocodilopolis. Yet elsewhere in Egypt, crocodiles were feared. Eyes were dawn, jaws were murder. And its tail brought brought darkness and death. In the West, crocodiles were held to be primeval creature and they may represent the aggressiveness of the collective unconscious. So if you dream of crocodiles, there could be some collective aggression of which you feel part. Excrement is another symbol for another day. But despite excrement's association with strength and gold, I wouldn't like to be excrement in the bowels of the crocodile!