Friday, March 1, 2013

Woolly Thought and the Implicate Order

This is old rope on the beach - no more no less. I ventured to the sea one fine Thursday with the expressed intention of looking for texture - and this was the very first shot of the day. Perhaps it's truly remarkable only when enlarged because the detail is most intricate. Thrown away things often make the best shots and reminded me that it's easy in everyday life to lose track of detail. Our eyes skim over things, because if we fully appreciated the texture of everyday objects we'd do little else. It made me think of the implicate order - and quantum physics may yet reveal to us this order of which Jung and the quantum scientists speak. We see the explicate order with no difficulty, but the weft and weave of the implicate order is something else again. If we concentrated on it too much, we might never throw anything away and disappear under a mound of kept objects - including our unconscious and conscious processes.  David Bohm is one of my science heroes and he would appreciate this picture. He realised that the whole encompasses all things, including structures, abstractions, and processes, Things may be physical but also abstract entities. Thought would be included in this - and that of course is anathema to the many scientists who live in a world of material certainty. So let look at the image again and consider it as a representation of actual thought. Does it look a little woolly to you?