Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Even on the Squares

It was a chance shot in a container shop selling mostly kitchen things. And no matter what I do with it, it won't line up as I wish. Maybe that's the way with geometric things. I should have used a tripod with a spirit level and calibrations. Even then, I know this kind of shot seldom is seldom perfectly even. Have a look at movies on the TV. The angles never really work. And unless you have a shift lens and eons of time, you can forget symmetry in the frame. In situ, our eyes and brain compensate of course, and they will for my effort above - unless you study it closely. A square is one of the most popular symbols. It's always a construction, and represents a manufactured and bounded world. The world is square in ancient Chinese symbolism, because of the four directions of yang. These coordinates are a way of interpreting and describing abstract space in cosmic symbolism - we tend to to say "the earth" when we mean space. But when we get to the cube, then it is an expression of solidity, permanence and ultimately stagnation. The square is temporal whilst the circle is eternal. The square is limited through its boundaries and boundaries are often set by squares. Perhaps the sixties meaning of a person being regarded as "a square" was about constriction and boundaries. The over-corseted individual is too bounded to fully enjoy life.