Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Luck from the Carpet

I was waiting for a train and had a bit of time to wander around, so I was delighted to come across a carpet shop with many colourful delights. On my first visit to Turin, I was amazed that there was a television channel devoted solely to carpets, so maybe it's a big carpet place. Carpets are rather symbolic in their own right and include many other symbols in their design. Particularly in the east, carpets are very important because they share the same symbolism as the house and garden. They offer a place apart - as in a prayer mat - and given the correct circumstances, they can fly. The colours are also vital to meaning. Yellow and gold speaks of rank and power, whilst white is pure and peaceful. Black is for rebellion and green is rebirth. I can see all of these in the picture. In some cultures, a tuft of wool might be taken from the border and burned to protect against the evil eye. The shapes contained in carpets are also important and all are magical. Dogs, peacocks, trees, doves and camels all symbolise different kinds of fortune for both the weaver and the purchaser of the carpet. So the next time you're looking at an oriental rug shop, have a chat with the owner about designs and what they mean for his or her culture. And may the violet colours in the photo bring you good luck!