Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Skylight Blue - waiting for Heaven

I am always advising that we should look up. By looking straight ahead or down, there are things that we miss and these can be a such a delight. This is merely a skylight window in Eataly, where I tend to have lunch if I'm in Turin. While I'm waiting for what is always a culinary treat, I do look up at the lattice of window frames. At that time of year, I can usually rely on a blue sky - so my treat is doubled. Blue is possibly the coldest of colours and here it even looks a bit frosty. Translucent blue - the colour of the heavens. Shapes tend to disappear and vanish into blue, so this composition is, for me, as delicious as the food. Maybe these shapes symbolise heaven, which in itself always represents awareness. Sometimes I sit and count the boxes, and imagine them as compartments of an aware and conscious psyche - many separate rooms that lead off into one another. I notice too that some have more light. The pillar is also symbolic, because here is the supporting column without which everything falls - and this column also represents the tree of life forms part of the kitchen below. Directly under this roof, diners sit in a gregarious circle around the edge of the kitchen and serving area. Perhaps some part of me sits there with them every day.