Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Big Cheese

One fine day in the summer, I visited the cheese festival in Bra, Piedmont. Bra is the birthplace of the slow food movement and so the event was heavily attended. I could hardly get near the cheese for a clear shot! The symbolism of cheese defaults to that of milk and even the Bra festival programme is clear - milk in all its shapes! I thought about associations of course. I was a foreign guest and so I was the Big Cheese. I was treated well, so I didn't get cheesed off. The shape of cheese is all important and manufacturers spend quite some time on deciding what shape their product should be. Unlike milk, its solidity means it cannot be sprinkled and it is seldom white. But it does retain the symbolic essential of milk - immortality. Plenty of dream books offer profit and gain as the meaning of eating cheese as a dream symbol. This derives from the work of Artemidorus, a 2nd century Greek diviner and interpreter of dreams, who was quite specific about using context for dream interpretation. Eating cheese in a  dream may have quite different meanings depending on the nature of the dream and its connections with the dreamer. Eating half a kilo of cheese before bedtime is likely to ensure that you have dreams that night!