Saturday, December 14, 2013

Red Bordello Glasses

I was at a social to raise money for animal welfare at Lillies Bordello, a famous and long standing Dublin nightclub. Perched at the bar, I noticed the red bordello lighting on the glasses and so out came the compact camera. Now there wasn't much light and flash would have ruined the picture. This is 1/8th of a second at 1600 ASA so it may be a bit noisy. But perhaps that made the photo. I know these are whisky glasses but symbolically they are chalices. The chalice is the vessel of plenty and a sign of immortality. It holds blood, like the Holy Grail. A psychotherapy tutor once told me there was no Holy Grail and thereby royally missed the point. So where are we between the real, the imaginary and the symbolic? There's no argument because the blood containing vessel is the principle of life. Lillies Bordello is mostly red as brothels should be. But symbolically prostitution means something quite sacred and that's far from the mundane house of dubious pleasure that a brothel represents. In the temple, union with a prostitute was being at one with the God or Goddess and the energy of that God would be then be shared. I can't find any details about the history of the Lilly's Bordello venue. Maybe someone can write and tell me. In the mean time, you can always drop in to symbolically partake of a blood filled chalice!