Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Of Canals and Kids

I'm uncertain how many times this Dublin picture may have been taken. It's certainly a pleasant view and there are worse places to look at. It's a shame the canal isn't used a little more. I recall in my childhood that safety issues that led to the Forth and Clyde Canal being rendered unnavigable. There were always worries that children might fall in and drown. This is a shadow concern of course, because there is danger everywhere and it can't be controlled. This nursery rhyme sums it up:

Three children sliding on the ice,
All on a summer's day,
As it fell out, they all fell in,
The rest they ran away.

Now, had these children been at home,
Or sliding on dry ground,
Ten thousand pounds to one penny,
They had not all been drowned.

You parents all that children have,
And you that have got none,
If you would have them safe abroad,
Pray keep them safe at home.
The lesson is that parents have to give up the child archetype and the child has to give up the parent archetype. Otherwise the kids might be in prams until they're 30. Children are in training to be functioning adults and have to be allowed to explore.