Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Rome on a Good Day

Can there be a bad day in Rome? Oh yes. There can be a bad day anywhere. But it's hard to beat Rome for views like this. Again, this is taken with the Canon compact camera and it's at the end of the zoom lens. It's an optical zoom all the way - and for a camera that size, it does a creditable job. This is a view from halfway up Gianicolo Hill. You can climb a series of steps from the Ospedale Chiostri di Santo Spirito In Sassia and there's a nice church to see on the way. Once regarded as the centre of the the empire and the known world, Rome is a city of contrasts. In psychoanalysis the city is a symbol of mother and just as the city contains inhabitants, a mother contains her children. But despite her beauty and centrality to Christians, Rome was, for the Book of Revelations, Babylon the Great. Depicted as the mother of harlots she was regarded as the opposite of heaven. But Rome transforms and survives and despite later turmoil, much of antiquity remains. On a clear, crisp day like this Rome bathes in the light. It lends it a heavenly appearance. So of you dream of Rome, it just might be that you dream of the city, mother and survival.