Saturday, January 11, 2014

Sweet for the sweet

I used to do more shots like this. It's kind of art trouvé and the simplicity appeals. It was a tray of confectionery outside a small artisan shop in Rome. I'm not claiming to be either Picasso or Duchamp, who were masters of that sort of thing. But found objects have their own charm and I like to think I can spot them. Symbolically, sweets (or candy in the US) represent food, despite the damage to the teeth! They can also represent favours. But in this case they seem to be a collective of somewhat differentiated objects. It could therefore be a sign of partial individuation, especially since each sweet is wrapped in its own container. In individuation we stress that the individual achieves distinctiveness and wholeness through a psychological process of transformation. Unconscious material is bought into consciousness and acknowledged. I rather doubt the sweets are going to make it, but human beings can always try. It's a life-long process that can be expensive in many ways and it's not the easiest of paths. Yet I have never met anyone who had made the attempt and came to regret the hard work. We're all different shapes and colours and sometimes living in society can make us feel that we compromised the individual attributes and qualities of our being. But it's what we mean to ourselves that is probably the most important thing to recognise.