Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Wheels, Power and Change

The wheel suggests perfection but I always feel it's about power. A wheel's turn refers to energy and in the case of "not having done a wheel's turn", you produced little of significance in an allotted period. This is part of an old power station in Rome. When decommissioned, it lay abandoned for a while, until it was adapted as museum that also houses Roman antiquities. There are so many of the latter in Rome, no-one knows where to put them. Wheels are also about movement. But here movement is driven by steam and that's really displaced movement from somewhere else. Movement of electrons makes the steam, but I'll spare you an explanation  of steam turbines for now. I was interested in the name Brown Boveri, on the housing. It is a Swiss company founded in 1891, many of who's subsidiaries became larger than the parent company. It's still going. When the power station was built, the company making the diesel unit was late and so two steam turbines were provided quickly by Brown Boveri.That's industrial movement!  I processed the original photo in black and white because it reminded me of working in a shipyard in the sixties and it showed the detail well. So if you dream of something like this, consider your relationship with machinery. Perhaps you need to transfer your energy elsewhere or use your power in a different way. Is the wheel moving? If it is, it could be about change.
[Photograph by Camilla Galli da Bino on Pentax Q]