Friday, February 28, 2014

Bundles preserve the Roof.

This is a technical depth of field picture and deliberately so. It's relatively close up and at the very end of a long lens, so very little has any depth - except at the very centre. This is part of a beach roof and it's a kind of thatch. It reminded me of a young unemployed man in London a few years ago. I asked him what trade he would like to go into and he answered "thatching". We were all amused of course, but there are quite a few thatched buildings in England and relatively few thatchers. He might have been onto a good thing. This kind of thatch is composed of bundles rather than being weaved. It's waterproof and can be repaired easily enough. A bundle is heavily symbolic, especially in Christianity. The Bundle of Life is a place where life is preserved and represents salvation. A bundle is like an inventory, a kind of accounting - putting coins in a purse is "bundling". It goes without saying that I have to mention the fasces (from Latin fascis, bundle). Originally Etruscan, the term  passed to the Romans and it became a military and magisterial symbol. Although it suggested a unity that couldn't be broken, the fasces rod was also about the power of life and death over the citizen. Yet somehow the fasces avoided its modern association with fascism and bundles are on coats of arms everywhere - even on a door in the Oval Office. If you dream of such a bundle, it's likely your dream has some connection with preservation. There's something about yourself that you feel needs to be preserved.