Thursday, February 20, 2014

Eagle-eyed and Pure of Heart

I was at the Pet Show last year and an eagle took my interest - or maybe I took his. He was with a handler who was most keen to tell me all about eagles and his eagle would perch on heads in what seemed like an amiable fashion. But with eagles you never know and I tried various photo shots without luck. Finally, my eagle was calm for a time, and this allowed me to get this shot of his splendid head feathers! In general, birds of prey glance behind them before swooping on prey, but not the eagle. The eagle is king of the birds and indeed the collective father-figure extraordinaire. In Roman antiquity, Christianity and in Asian and Amer-Indian myth, the eagle reigns supreme. Eagles always had a symbolic connection with fire and the eagle is said to be able to stare into the sun because its heart is pure. This suggests a contemplative mental enlightenment so in general if you dream of an eagle, it is most likely to have a positive meaning. But there is a dark side too. An eagle may carry off victims to an inaccessible eyrie from which there is no escape. That kind of dream may indicate an overwhelming thirst for power. But if you dream of a descending eagle with two outstretched wings like lightning flashes, it is all about illumination. An eagle may dive out of the sun with nary a backwards glance, so make sure you're also pure of heart (and not in its path).