Thursday, February 13, 2014

Rough Sculpture in Wood

The structures were on a back lot at Cinecittà Roma. I'm not sure what they're for exactly. This is basic carpentry for something temporary and the bits look sturdy enough. Wood is quite a fascinating material, because although it may not last as long as stone or bronze, it's closer to a living thing. Malleable and lightweight, wood remains the choice for much building. Symbolically it has always been associated with life and renewal. Lyle, an Ancient Greek word meaning wood, implies primordial matter. It's certainly versatile. I've seen a car made from wood and recall that Second World War Mosquito fighter planes were made mostly from wood. It was lightweight, which gave extra speed to the craft If you dream of wood, you are in good company. Regarded as a source of regeneration, wood often featured in the dreams of ancient Romans. Supposing you were to have a dream about this stack of wooden supports. Are you looking at it or in you inside it? Do you feel anything concerning the stability of the structure? Are you happy to be there or do you feel anxious? And of course if you were keen on Do it Yourself, you might add another layer of meaning to your interpretation!
[Photo: Camilla Galli da Bino Pentax Q]