Friday, February 14, 2014

The Circle and the Square

This picture is rather late but we still have the murky weather. It was taken in Turin at New Year, decorations were still around and something about the January light and the ball made me set my compact on telephoto and brace myself against a wall. Then I forgot all about it. Many people assume Italy is always light and sunny and more often than not, it is. But Turin is near the Alps and it gets cold and grey. That light with a lack of colour makes us more aware of the geometry - it's the squares in the picture that I like. With shutters and blinds, all the windows seem a little different too. Quadrangular forms are common in the city and often the city is of the same form. But whereas the circle is eternal the square is somewhat temporary. I'm sure these buildings will give way to something else, although certainly they're comparatively recent. The relationship between the square and the circle is complicated because the square is the perfection of the heavenly circle, but on an earthly plane. So there's a kind of connection between the apartments and the decorative sphere and perhaps I was  unconsciously aware of that when I became interested enough to compose the shot. Dreaming of apartment blocks can mean many things. castles, passageways, windows and doors. But this real life construction offers the viewer the circle and the square together - and trying to square the circle is an impossible mathematical task