Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Intersection of the Constellation

I was passing a station entrance in Rome and I liked the angles and stripes. Then somehow I lost track of the photograph but although I couldn't locate it, I remembered the image. It's in a shopping district not far from the Vatican, but you wouldn't ordinarily pass it unless you had an appointment there for something or other! Geomancy was something of a long serving cosmological tradition - the art of shapes and locations. Design on the ground was supposed to be in a relationship with the positions of stars in the sky and the shapes here reminded me of exactly that. It's a linking of earth, space and heaven. Bachelard thought that "The Zodiac is the Rorschach Test of mankind in his infancy." (1943) Humans projected their stories onto cosmic structures where object shapes were part of the stories - and somehow the shape in the photograph reminded me of the constellation Aquila, the eagle. Constellation is a term much used in psychoanalysis and it means roughly the same as in astronomy. Psychological factors constellate to form a complex, just like stars cluster in a group within a galaxy. In building terms we have something of a complex in the photo. So what might be constellating here, amongst the lines and stripes and shapes? And in a dream what might it mean to stand on that point of intersection?