Friday, March 14, 2014

Ha'penny Bridge and the Devil's Due

I guess many photos have been taken of the Ha'penny Bridge in Dublin and this one is just a snapshot. Light was beginning to fade but the water looked interesting so I just took a pot shot.  This is not the official bridge name. Originally it was Wellington Bridge and later the Liffey Bridge, which formally is its correct name. In 1816, before the bridge was built, a rather unsatisfactory ferry company plied this spot. But it was told to improve vessels or build a bridge - and here it is to this day. The bridge is one of these universal symbols that indicates transition - it allows us to cross from one side to another. The bridge story I like best is the "Devil's Bridge". Satan is promised the soul of the first person to cross his bridge. Since he built it, he expects his due reward. It indicates the perilous nature of crossing from one thing to another - this is a danger which must be tackled and conquered. If you dream of bridges - and I believe this is quite a common object to appear in dreams - you may have  an important decision to take. The choice is yours, one thing or the other. Will your decision and its consequences lead to salvation or damnation? Even if you live in Dublin and cross the bridge regularly, your dream of the Hal'penny Bridge retains the same symbolism. It's still a journey over a dangerous place. But who was the first person to cross the bridge? They are long gone, but does the Devil still have their soul?