Friday, March 28, 2014

The Colour of the Huts

This looked like an attractive shot, but it was the most difficult job, with difficult choices. First of all, exactly what is straight in the picture? After much work, I had to admit that the beach huts are probably less than straight and settled for what I had. And what colours should be included? Cropping out the right hand colour didn't work well and leaving it does suggest that the line of colours continues. You can get away with a lot on a beach - seaside architecture doesn't have to conform with general rules and almost anything goes. Yet these are huts and therefore symbols. Those who have no permanent dwelling - such as hermits - live in huts that are a sign of the precariousness of life. Like most things built on the beach, impermanence and weakness is the thing with some instability thrown in for good measure and the hut is hardly more substantial than a tent. Here, annual storms arrive to destroy many beach structures like this one. It's just an accepted part of life that they have to be rebuilt. So the huts have to be good enough for the purpose and no more. If you dream of a beach hut there might be many associations. But it is in essence a hermit's hut. Consider if detachment from the world is leading you to re-balance what you have. Consider the hermit in the cramped confines of his hut. He is the very master of space because his attachment is to the broad arch of heaven and his hut merely temporary earthly protection.
[Picture credit: Camilla Galli da Bino: Pentax Q]