Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Spider who came to Breakfast

This is by way of a domestic story and slightly icky. This inter-dental brush is vital to hygiene and so I was using it after breakfast. But the phone rang, so I abandoned it then returned. This is what I met. It was rather a shock, since the attached spider was in quite an open space on an empty table. I watched it nibbling for a while then got my compact camera and danced around it. Later I found it was a false widow, which can pack quite a sting. Even odder, I was writing a story about spiders and an orange phantom so there was some synchronicity. Symbolically, the spider packs a heavy punch too. Because its spins thread, it is regarded like the Fates. The web it spins is the fabric of life, but although it looks fragile, this is illusory. Webs are tough as old boots, especially for the fly. Spiders have properties of divination for many cultures and are sometimes seen as psychopomps, carrying souls on a boat made from webs across rivers to the Underworld. Yet it's the spider that swings on a thread that is important for psychoanalysis, because it can easily raise itself - a symbol for spiritual realisation and self-actualisation. If you dream of a spider, ask yourself what it's doing. Is it building or swinging? Or did it come for breakfast?