Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Art and the Suitable Container

This is by way of a nice story. A fellow artist got in touch to tell me she had made a painting from one of my blog entries. It's this one here and I was delighted. Her name is Stefania Vignotto who lives in Thailand and her paintings are at Fine Art America. But the story isn't finished. Stefania wanted to send me a quality print, but there was difficulty that day in getting the right container. Stefania cycled all around and found a tiny post office where a helpful woman said she would make a bespoke package. So the woman made a double envelope then tied the package up with the string her mother uses for home made sweets that she sells in her shop. Duly mailed out, the painting reached me a week later, safe and sound. After I unwrapped it, Otis the cat descended on the string and adopted it as a toy. It was a joyful sequence. Since the painting will now hang in a place of importance, I will recall the story when I pass it. Stefania saw something in my photograph and added her interpretation to create something wonderful. But I liked the story of container and wrapping so much that they became, for me, part of the object. In Jungian psychology, the container provides a protective covering. The persona, for example, is a necessary container that protects the inner self - but problems arise when we confuse the two. Patina as container is something different. Over time, covering and the covered are organically fused. In my case, the container is patina and provenance. Even if I consider the painting alone, I doubt I'll be able to separate my thoughts of painting, container and journey.