Thursday, September 18, 2014

Time to say Yes

There comes to a time no matter what, when we have to make a stand. I am always saying that whatever the circumstances, one always loves one's country. Scotland is my country. I have never been happy with its attachment to England. So today is a big day - and like everyone else I can't be certain of the outcome of the Referendum. Jenny is a favourite character in my stories at Follow the Wabbit and it's her face I'm privileging here. She is of course a pirate and a pirate is independent. Pirates were usually in the employ of the state, but they were privateers. They made alliances where they could and took part of the proceeds - the American War of Independence was alive with privateers. Most psychotherapists are freelance and by the same token they are independent. We all value our independence. We continually emphasise that our children should seek independence and break free from the parents. They must give up the parent archetype and the parents must give up the child archetype. The pirate - with all that piracy entails - is free from the parents. But freedom comes at a price. The domineering parent may try to keep control for their own narcissistic reasons. Their children are often mere projections of themselves. But Scotland is more than a projection of England - more than the costumes and the haggis continually trotted out for foreign guests. I did give Jenny the Pirate Chief a Scottish costume though. She is Glasgow post-punk. She's kitsch and a little terrifying, I wouldn't get in her way. She's for Scottish Independence and so am I.