Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Sacks on the Beach

This is one of the first shots from my new wide angle zoom lens for the Pentax Q. I always visit Fregene over the Christmas period and there are always different kind of scenes to be captured. This time I was testing the potential of new equipment. Every winter, storms destroy many of the temporary beach structures - and so the beach was dotted with piles of sandbags. I noticed that the sacks originally contained coffee, so the container has been recycled to a defensive purpose, the holding back of the sea's destructive forces,  Unlike a sea wall these are temporary, seasonal defenses and quite distinct. They're designed to absorb the force of the sea and mitigate rising water levels. So if you dream of sandbags this can represent defenses of a transitional nature. Perhaps some turbulent period in life is approaching. It's temporary but you need to weather and limit the damage of forces ranged against you. Sometimes the unconscious may organise such a defense on your behalf in a manoeuvre to protect the individual against intolerable anxiety. The German term abwehr more appropriate describes the process. It implies parrying or warding off. We know the sandbags can't completely defend against rising waters, nor are they waterproof. They defend by warding off the danger.